Personal Training  

Bellafit Boot Camp for Women
Personal Training
Duo Training Session (2 People)
Enjoy a great workout partner workout!
  Price $100.00 

Package 10 Solo Training Sessions.
Package of 10 solo training sessions. 

  Price $800.00 

Package of 4 Duo Personal Training Sessions (1/2)
Individual Payment for 4 Duo training sessions.

Scheduling will be discussed at the beginning of the month.  Because designated training times are kept secure, please provide at least one week notice for cancellations.  Last minute cancellations or missed sessions will be deducted from your package.  An exception will be made once every 60 days.

  Price $200.00 

Package of 5 Small Group (3-4 people) Training Sessions
Enjoy 5 personalized small group training sessions (3-4 people).
  Price $600.00 

Package of 8 Duo Personal Training Sessions (1/2)
Indvidual portion of 8 partner training sessions

  Price $400.00 

Small Group Training (3-4 People)
Enjoy a great workout in a small group setting.  
  Price $120.00